1891 Porter Lake Drive. # 107
Sarasota, FL 34240

Over two years ago we hired Coast to Coast to build a new customized pool for us. Cheryl Caruthers was our sale design representative. She did a great job of designing a one of a kind pool that fit our exact needs. The pool was completed on time without a hitch. We decided to use Coast to Coast for their weekly pool service because their price was reasonable and we knew that it was always possible that warranty service could become necessary. As it turned out we were very glad with this decision. After about a year the display on our Pentair pump failed. Our weekly pool service man discovered this and a Pentair rep came to our home and replaced the module at no charge. When a second issue came up a short time later with the Pebble Tec surface, that was installed by a sub contractor, the owner Coast to Coast and a factory representative from Pebble Tec examined the discoloration and they authorized the affected portion to be replaced at no cost to us. Jayne, who is the general manager, was polite and helpful in getting all the details resolved and now our pool is the same as new again! You could not do better with any other pool company in Sarasota!